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About Us

Our vision is to be the world leader in body care products for athletes and active people. In so doing we inspire to assist people to reach their potential and create a better world for us to live in.

Years on the market

Years of experience

Only natural ingredients

Pure Athlete TM is about a vision, a dream and a whole lot more………………..
Combining our love of Sport, Health and all things natural, Pure Athlete was founded by Greg Muller and Gena Brewerton in 2010.
Pure Athlete was started with a clear vision – To develop  sports performance and recovery products that not only cleansed, helped to heal, repaired and rejuvenated the body  but that they were also made from the highest quality ingredients.
To achieve this we were adamant that we would only use quality natural, wildcrafted and organic ingredients wherever possible.
With over 20 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry Greg has worked and studied in various countries throughout the world. He has trained many professional athletes and sports teams, elite soldiers and numerous individuals pursuing their health and fitness goals. Gena with a medical background has worked as a registered nurse in a variety of diverse health settings in a number of work environments.
Recognising that very little existed in the marketplace that was both 100% natural and specifically formulated for athletes and active people we set about developing products and formulas that were not only good for the body but also good for recovery and ultimately performance.
Being conscious that everything we put onto our skin is absorbed into the body we had a strong desire to formulate ingredients that would have both a positive effect on health and athletic performance. In life, sport and athletic pursuits the demand for high levels of achievement and the margins between good and great performance can be attributed to even the smallest detail.
With this in mind we were determined to put the athlete and active person first by providing products that made a difference. Because we know like all things in life Everything Counts and when we take care of the body we get to have a more active lifestyle and perform better.
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