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At  PURE ATHLETE, we aim to be the world leader in Bodycare products by developing, producing and providing our customers with the finest performance and recovery products available for athletes and active people in the bodycare range. As we aspire toward reaching our objectives it will provide us with the opportunity to contribute to developing healthier, better educated and more earth conscious people who work towards creating a more positive environment and sustainable future for our planet.

Our Vision includes the 4 Key Elements to ensure we keep true to our guiding principles. Our 4 Key Elements are Service, Honest, Positive and Earth Conscious and it is always our intention to apply these in everything we do. We believe that by staying true to our values, inspiring the passion and talent of our people, working in sustainable, innovative ways and doing our best to be Service Orientated, Honest, Positive, and Earth Conscious, we will keep on making the products our customers love, while at the same time have a positive impact on the world we live in every day.

Through our programme PURE ATHLETE “Inspired” (focusing on supporting athletes to live inspired life’s and pursue their dreams to become the athlete and person they were born to be), we will provide real and practical expressions of this vision through building for ourselves and our stakeholders, among other things, a future we can all be proud of.

PURE ATHLETE Vision provides our company, our employees, and all of our stakeholders with the 4 Elements—Service, Honest, Positive, and Earth Conscious.

These 4 Elements act as a compass that always keeps us true to our vision of helping people, athletes and sports teams to reach their potential while also creating a better world for everyone to live in. PURE ATHLETE Vision—guiding all of our decisions, actions, processes and practices.

We at PURE ATHLETE use the 4 Elements as a tool, which means always doing our best to Serve, be Honest, Positive and Earth Conscious in everything we do. These 4 Elements represent, in the broadest possible sense, how PURE ATHLETE Vision works. We measure our thinking, our decisions, our actions, and our processes against these values by asking ourselves if what we are doing is of Service, Honest, Positive and Earth Conscious. Making PURE ATHLETE Vision work for us and for the world in which we operate—across our workplaces in all the countries we operate—means using the 4 Elements every day in all that we do.



At PURE ATHLETE our primary focus is always to serve. This means to serve our customers, manufactures, suppliers and staff with the highest quality products, services, management and level of integrity at all times. In so doing we will have a positive impact on all the relationships we maintain throughout our entire business.  Service is about understanding  that we are all linked through a united medium which will ensure that each individual or company positively impacts on each other through a fair and equitable exchange. It is through the principle of Service we are always looking to add value, provide quality and improve accessibility to our products by doing our best to assist others so they may benefit and perform better as they work towards their goals  and dreams.


Honest means to be sincere and operate with a high level of integrity at all times. It means admitting our mistakes and always doing what is right even it hurts our wallet and or pride.  It means doing what is best at all times to produce high quality products for athletes and active people through our service. We take no shortcuts and understand the action- reaction effect of any decision we make. We are responsible for  the choices we make and all that we create with our people, products and environment.


We at PURE ATHLETE are solution orientated. Positive means being creative, innovative, fair and constructive. Its About building things and people up, not breaking them down. Supporting others when they try, encouraging them when they fail, and celebrating with them when they succeed. It means “we can” more often than “we can’t”. We are always working to  have positive win- win  relationships in all that we do. We maintain a positive attitude and remain open to all the opportunities we are presented.


At Pure Athlete we aim to always be earth conscious. Supporting people, activities and services that have the interests of the planet at heart. Earth Conscious is about being aware of the footprint we leave for future generations. Supporting suppliers and manufacturers who ensure that the most sustainable and ecologically friendly products and processes are used in the procurement of our products. It underpins our living philosophy that we care and everything we do counts.  As the world gets smaller we at PURE ATHLETE will always be thinking bigger.

The Elements apply as much to the decisions and actions of the Managing Director as they do to our team members who interact with our customers. In fact, it applies to everyone in our company. Eventually, PURE ATHLETE Vision and its guiding compass of the Elements will become an instinctive way of thinking for PURE ATHLETE as we work towards making our contribution towards a better world and the people we serve.

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