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Sports Recovery Bath Salts Mens 10x use 700g


(700g Pack)

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Combining the healing powers of Epsom Salt and a fine blend of 15 essential oils, Pure Athlete Men’s sports Recovery Bath Salts have been specifically developed with the male athlete in mind. This special blend is designed to assist the body in its natural process of healing and recovery for a faster return to training and competition.

Use: For optimal use fill your bath with hot water 37 – 39°C (98.5 -102°F). Sprinkle 1-2 handfuls of recovery Bath Salts into the water and gently mix.

Optimum bathing time 15 -20 minutes.

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Pure Athlete Sports Recovery Bath Salts combines the 100% natural and organic ingredients of Epsom Salt, Ginger, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lime, Marjoram, Black pepper, Cedar wood, Pine, Vetiver, Blue chamomile, Fir needle, Laurelberry and kaolin in a special blend to optimise recovery, healing and performance.

“Post exercise and competition I always use Pure Athlete Mens Recovery Bath Salts . They definitely enhance the recovery process and reduce my muscle and joint soreness to help get me ready to train and compete again.”

Kevin Cradock
Athlete and Athletic Performance Coach

Kevin Thornton BikeTraining for three disciplines means that managing my recovery between sessions, is key. Pure Athlete products are an important part of my recovery process to ensure I am 100% ready for my next run, swim or bike session.

Kevin Thornton
International Triathlete

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70g (Small) 1 x Use, 700g (Large) – 10 x Use

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