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Sports Muscle Relief Oil


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Pure Athlete™ Muscle Relief Oil – combines 100% natural and organic jojoba oil, sunflower oil, essential oils of wintergreen, rosemary, blue chamomile, black pepper, vetiver, ginger, basil, fir needle, peppermint, lime, marjoram, may chang, vitamin E oil and rosemary extract to help relieve muscle aches and pain to optimise recovery, healing and performance.

Use: Gently massage into sore or bruised areas for 5 minutes in a circular manner. Repeat as required.

“Pure Athlete products represent the golden link between the importance of recovery and relaxation with quality of training and performance. Time given to looking after yourself is time very well spent. Self-discipline is self-care, and self-care enhances high performance”.

Brenda Flannery
International Hockey Player

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